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Palm (Indian palm) which is preferred during peak summer is native to the Indian subcontinent and is found all over Indian subcontinent & southeast Asia It is the official state tree of Tamilnadu and mentioned as ‘karpavriksha’ in ancient Tamil texts The tender Palm fruit (tamil: நுங்கு) is jelly like has a distinctive taste of sweet and Astringent. Though is small in size, it is rich in minerals, fiber, vitamins and gives up to 87cal/100g.

palm fruit nungu

Also, Palm contains naturally occurring plant chemical antioxidants like Tannins, Saponins, Glucosides, Albuminoids and Borassosides. Palm fruit helps in relieving the following symptoms:

  • fatigue
  • ulcer
  • liver disorders
  • constipation
  • urinary infections
  • sexual illness

palm fruit nunguIt also lowers cholesterol to reduce weight and helps in alleviating constipation and diarrhoea. Tender palm fruit during pregnancy helps overcome dizziness, vomiting, giddiness and constipation. Tender Palm prevents dehydration in summer and is a boon to maintain health in tropical countries like India. It prevents sun burns, heat rashes, pimples, itches, eczema It contains a plant chemical ‘Anthocyanin’ which lowers swelling of cells which in turn reduces growth rate of cancer cells Palm is called ‘chiranjeevi’ as it prevents aging, strengthens the body.

Disclaimer: It should be eaten as soon as it is cut from the shells or it may become ‘watery’ which may lead to indigestion & allergy.

palm sugar jaggeryAll palm products such as palm sap(toddy), tender palm, palm sugar, palm candy, palm sprouts are healthier. Several texts about Avvaiyaar, Paari mention the importance of palm in olden days. Mentioned as ‘Talah’ in Sanskrit texts, which is sweet it gives enormous strength to elephants.

Palm is grown all around South-East Asia particularly is state symbol of Cambodia, Sulawesi province, Indonesia and grown in Angkor-wat temple, Combodia.

All products/extracts of the palm tree are useful for mankind. Let’s save it!

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