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All confusion occurred back then because of misinterpretation of interview of EX French President Francois Hollande which was originally in french but manipulations were done in its English translation to derive a different meaning.
Yes the language difference has played a big role in the entire gaffe. Now As a citizen/taxpayer/voter (if you are from non-defence background), ask yourself how many minutes/hours of your entire life you devoted in reading/learning/understanding defence/military matters. I am sure 99% among you must not have been bothered ever. People are finding answers on rafale on twitter & facebook.These are not specialist forums. In my knowledge only online forum where you will find thousands of interested Indian’s is DFI

Please don’t rely on freelancers (specially the new born self certified defence experts) who will call anything a scam to serve their agenda. I am also not branding myself as an expert but I take pride in the fact that I have been religiously following defence matters for more than a decade. Follow @Iyervval @Aryanwarlord @KesariDhwaj to know the reality.

Here  onward I will answer all the allegations made by the “Scion of the Holy Gandhian Empire“..
LIE 1: PM modi visited france in april 2015 and signed the deal. He took Anil Ambani with him and made his few days old company partner in the rafale deal. Even the then defence minister Manohar Parrikar was unaware about it.
TRUTH: No deal was signed in France. only an expression of intent was made.
here’s the proof. 14th point in joint statement:mea.gov.in/bilateral-docu…

Anil Ambani was not the only CEO who went with him. There were several others who went for the India France CEO forum. it’s a normal thing. nothing exclusive about it.


The negotiations between Indian contract negotiation committee led by an IAF officer took 18 months to arrive at a price. The officer who led the negotiations is speaking here. listen to him carefully till the end.

The contract was inked on 23rd September 2016 by then DM Manohar Parrikar and his French counterpart
LIE 2: The price paid was 3 times of what was finalized by UPA.
Truth: it’s wrong to divide the total amount by number of aircraft to arrive at unit cost. The unit cost is 670 crore.
There are several one time costs included in the price. Here is official figure citing the price as given in Loksabha in
November 2016
Here is a cost break up by defence experts(not official). but it will help you in understanding better.
see how the price escalated during negotiations in UPA time when actual price discovery was made and it was thrice of what was expected back in 2007. slides from 2012-13-14
LIE 3: Anil Ambani will get 30k crore offsets as part of the deal.
TRUTH: Neither his company is getting entire offsets, nor he is manufacturing rafale, nor he has been selected by the government. He will get 3% of 30k crore offsets as part of DRAL joint venture.

There are n numbers of offset partners and final list of offsets partner will be submitted by Dassault to MoD only in September 2019.

Here’s an official but incomplete list of offsets partner released by Dassault


Here is an explanation of offsets distribution by credits: @SandeepUnnithan


Here is then defence minister AK Antony saying there’s no money for purchase. 

Why, because their entire estimation in 2007 of 10 billion dollars proved wrong when actual price for 126 came at 30 billion dollars.


What is the role of Anil Ambani if his company is not going to manufacture rafale?

Dassault Reliance aerospace limited which is a 51:49 JV between Reliance and Dassault will manufacture components

of “Dassault falcon business jet”. This👇
If IAF orders further Rafales… they will come 40% cheaper because 1 time costs like training and infrastructural costs won’t apply.Read below
What are the offsets for? The offsets in this deal are meant for creating an aviation ecosystem which is mostly absent now.
Then what HAL does? it doesn’t manufacture aircraft. it assembles components sourced from mainly foreign sources to make a product & then call it indigenous.

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